National Button Week March 11- 17

Yes!  It’s officially National Button Week—-

flapper button, new . . . looks like she's getting ready to bolt out of here! No, I guess she's checking out the archives to see what to read next.

I know that last November 16 was “National Button Day” according to my blog,
but this is the real WEEK—-as proclaimed by the National Button Society.

We’ll have a rousing good time checking some interesting buttons—and some gossip
about them . . .

First of all, most button collecting historians like to hail back to the  story of girls collecting buttons on a “charmstring”.  A girl, and her friends, would save buttons and add them bit by bit to a long string—-hoping to reach the count of a thousand buttons on the string.   It came to be called a charmstring.   The goal—-and here comes the meaty part (finally)–was that after you had a thousand buttons on your string you would meet your future husband.

Ha!  In my estimation, that’s no way to meet a man unless he happens to be a man with a mother with a sewing box full of buttons.  You really can’t go into a bar with a charmstring in your pocket as a lure for Mr. Wonderful to buy you a drink and ask you where you’ve been all his life.

“Collecting buttons” isn’t the snappy answer he might expect to have the conversation take a positive spin.

“Have full charmstring” aren’t the words singles are scanning in the newspaper ads for companionship.

Listing the credential in an online dating service isn’t likely to score points either.

It’s been a while since I was in the market for a man, but I think if I were, I’d pack in the buttons and take up golf or jogging or join a gym.

Still, since I’m NOT in the market for a man (got one!)—I’ll continue collecting those darling little buttons, with a brass loop at the end–

These days, collectors refer to them as “charmstrings”.  They are early,  and glass–two important features that I like.  One of my favorites has polka dots!

beginning a charmstring . . .

Tomorrow, and often this week, I’ll feature different types of buttons.

If you don’t collect buttons, for heaven’s sake, get started!   What better time than National Button Week?


You already know me---I'm in your book club. I've been in your book club in Wisconsin, in New York, in Missouri, in Connecticut. Now I'm in your book club in Pennsylvania. I love books! (I also collect buttons!) I'm looking forward to having conversations about books with people just like you----who also love books and want to talk about them. Send me an email: booksandbooks (at) me about a book you are reading. (or buttons of interest)
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3 Responses to National Button Week March 11- 17

  1. jenl5852 says:

    I think a feminist spin on this can be that the woman was busy doing something she enjoyed. This could have a collection of bicycle parts or books or pretty much anything.

  2. booksilver says:

    Loved your post — it made me laugh out loud while waiting too long, late, in the Charlotte airport for a connection last night.
    Wouldn’t it be fun to find some girl’s completed charmstring? You could write a great story about how she found each button, in order.

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