I want to write.  I want to write about books, and about things in my life
that have meaning for me.   I am trying to catch some humor in the way we
live our lives today.  Perhaps I’ll strike out, or maybe I’ll strike a chord.

2 Responses to About

  1. Carin says:

    Hello! I met you with my friend D at the Titusville Button Show. I am the gal who shouted “I have that button, but mine is bigger”. Remember? Or is it how could you forget? D just sent me your site. I love it! My husband and I also went to the Myerstown Button Show, except we were there the weekend before, I got the wrong dates! I bless the Gods that my husband is still laughing about it! I never really got a chance to talk to you, but D was saying that you were thinking about starting a button club? I am creating two programs for kids button collecting. One is for the Girl Scouts and the other is a program for kids with cancer (or any disease) to play with in hospital etc. I would love to help you organize!

    • Hello Carin! Thanks for getting in touch. Sounds like you are the perfect
      candidate to organize “our” button club. I am thinking there are others in
      our area who would be interested, too. Good for you in those projects you’re
      doing–very worthy. Thanks for your interest in my blog.

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