Spring Cleaning

Gosh, with all this quarantine business because of the Covid-19 virus, we’re all in the house double time and *plenty* of time for spring cleaning this year! So I’ll help you.

I was talking with a friend about vacuum cleaners–the way you’ll do, you know–and she gave me a terrific idea for cleaning that her mother  used to use—no vacuum involved at all.  Ready?  First you dampen some newspapers (make sure all the puzzles are done first) and then you tear the newspapers up into little strips and spread them on your floors.  Wait a while until they dry and then sweep them up!  There ! done!

I’ll add here that this is the same friend who is always “getting organized” –this is the part I  like–she found an old notebook from a year before labeled “Housekeeping”  and she looked inside to see what had been accomplished.  But___! as Millie would exclaim*—the pages  were empty!
Ha, ha, ha

*Millie, as you may recall from blogs gone-by was an old neighbor in Rhode Island who liked to spike her stories with explosions of “But—-!”

Well, that’s my little story and hint for today—my floors are gleaming and I’ll get on to the next project.    Let me know your results and I hope no one comes to your door to see the state of your house with strips of newspapers all over!  Think of the money you’ll save  on electricity . . .

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2 Responses to Spring Cleaning

  1. Meegan Hanson says:

    This made me laugh out loud! I don’t think I’ll try it though…. 🙂 Spring is indeed a good time for cleaning and tidying. This morning we went over to our neighborhood tennis court to “sweep it out.” Turns out it hadn’t been cleaned for so long, there were little shrubs growing along the edges in the matted-up leaves and pine needles, and baby oak trees pushing out of split acorns! I took a picture of some violets there. Sweet little faces waiting for the first match!

  2. Mary Jo says:

    That is a riot! I may try it, after a recent bad experience vacuuming — I did the whole apartment with a dust buster without the stick attachment. It went well until the next day when I realized I must have pulled a bunch of muscles in my back! It’s been 2 weeks so far and I guess at least another 2 to go. More debilitating than you would think, and that’s the end of vacuuming for me. Maybe the broom method …

    Also love hearing that the little acorns are sprouting trees … they say Nature is taking back over now that we are all so housebound. That part’s fun!

    Looking forward to more Spring Cleaning tips!

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