Challenge: The Three Soup Supper

Well, it’s January and that spells s-o-u-p.

Tonight we’ve been invited to a “soup supper”.  It will be very
exciting because it will be pouring rain, very foggy AND the house
is located smack between the Delaware River (rising?) and the
Canal south of Lambertville, New Jersey.  Luckily, we can both

Route 29 at top; Delaware & Raritan Canal, houses, and Delaware River at bottom ©booksandbuttons

Route 29 at top; Delaware & Raritan Canal,red houses, and Delaware River at bottom ©booksandbuttons

Ah, as I write this, suddenly a complete downpour is careening
around me, smacking against the windows . . .hm.  Driving along
the river road will be exciting in the dark.

How do I know it will be foggy?  Because the weather forecast
says so, and the river will be cold against the warm air—it’s
50 degrees this afternoon! and someone told me that anywhere
there is snow on the ground, there will be morning or evening fog.

But enough.  Challenge: what kind of homemade soups will there be?
What would YOU serve to a group tonight?  Let’s limit it to three kinds.

This will make about two posts now (out of over 300) that has to do
with a recipe!  Hope it’s not a trend!


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4 Responses to Challenge: The Three Soup Supper

  1. bandanalover says:

    Well, I like barley. And I like mushrooms. So my first choice would be mushroom
    barley soup. I also like Italian sausage, and beans as well. My second selection
    then would be sausage and bean soup with lots of veggies, maybe some kale.
    And let’s not forget a seafood soup such as a bouillabaisse, cioppino or chowder.
    For sure, my choice here would be San Francisco style cioppino. However, if I
    were in Provence, I would order the bouillabaisse which would include locally
    caught scorpion fish.
    Oops! I just remembered one of my all time favorites–snapper soup, as in turtle.
    I would want it in the style of the Old Bookbinders Restaurant on the river in

  2. booksilver says:

    I think one has to be vegetarian, maybe a hearty tomato-based vegetable soup or a black bean soup (I vote for the latter). One has to be creamy, maybe a chowder. And the third??? Hm. Tom Yum Soup, spicy with chicken? Chicken Tortilla Soup? It’ll be interesting to see what you get!

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