National Button Week part 2

Hello again!  It’s still button week!

BAKELITE buttons deserve a star!

Today we’re going to feature Bakelite buttons—wonderful early plastic buttons that had their heyday in the 1930’s and 1940’s–then other plastics became popular.

There are intricate tests involved by “real” button collectors to prove/disprove the chemistry of the plastic of the button and whether it is true bakelite or not.   I don’t do those tests and group my buttons as “bakelite and wanna-be bakelites”.   They all look great to me!

I don’t want to say I have favorites, but it’s true, I do have favorites, and some of them are sitting in that gorgeous star pattern today.  I have both a green and a red rose—see them?
(Left click on the photo for enlargement, click back arrow to return to text.)
If I could only take two bakelites to a desert island, I think they would be the ones.

Hm–and maybe the oblong “butterscotch” one with the metal trim.  And the three-colored
sandwich . . .

oblong trimmed with metal; 3 color sandwich; red rose

and what about the “pyramid” and the “cupcake”?   gotta love them, too

the pyramid, upper right "cupcake"

What’s your story about bakelite buttons?

More tomorrow, with more buttons!


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2 Responses to National Button Week part 2

  1. booksilver says:

    They are great-looking, but I’m not sure what good it would do you to have two bakelite (or, worse, wanna-be bakelite!) buttons on your desert island!
    Better to have your nice Girl Scout camp set — frying pan, bowl, utensils all clamped together tidily, with a good tent, knife, and compass.

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