Reporting in from Paris

Ah—we’re here!  It’s sunny and warm!

The clothes!  Everybody looks gorgeous!—-simple, simple dresses that blow in the breeze—every kind of shoe imaginable–what a fashion show!

Only have a minute (really!) to type on my internet time–but wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you.

Talk with you soon.  A biento!


You already know me---I'm in your book club. I've been in your book club in Wisconsin, in New York, in Missouri, in Connecticut. Now I'm in your book club in Pennsylvania. I love books! (I also collect buttons!) I'm looking forward to having conversations about books with people just like you----who also love books and want to talk about them. Send me an email: booksandbooks (at) me about a book you are reading. (or buttons of interest)
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