The Twelve Knits of Christmas—where we stand

Twelve Knits of Christmas 001Remember the post I wrote last January 5th?  You do?!  You don’t.
Well, just type in “twelve knits” up in that search box up on the right
to refresh your memory . . .  I’ll just wait here a minute while you do

Yes, I started knitting—-and now I have all twelve of those drummer
boys ready to circle my tree.  (HA HA HA)  Wishful thinking.

What I really have is kind of a mess:



That orange thing on the right is obviously a claw . . .with the directions in case you want to make one, too–
three French hens, etc 002So, we need some claws, and we need one of these
three French hens, etc 006In fact, by following these directions, we will have three:
three French hens, etc 007



They’re COMBS, silly.  Now, what would we need claws and combs for?
Yes, chickens!  Or more to the point, three French hens!

I’ve been sort of working on these since last January.  I ran into a snafu
when I didn’t have the right size crochet hook.  You knit the little parts
of the hen’s main body, and wings, but then you add all the details by
crocheting claws, combs, beaks, feathers, etc.

I couldn’t believe it–I had any size but the right one.  So one day
last February, I drove about 20 miles to a darling little knitting
store expressly to treat myself to a size D crochet hook.

Ouch! the price, but it is a darling hook–see photo:

ChiaoGoo crochet hook©booksandbuttons

ChiaoGoo crochet hook©booksandbuttons

That was in February.  Months passed by and soon it was November.
I decided I’d better get going on the three French hens and finish them
up for Christmas–they’re a gift.  And . . .couldn’t find the new hook!
Can you believe it?  Stymied for a couple of weeks—where would I
have put it?  To make a long story short (too late) I found it with the
OTHER crochet hooks and now I’m busily finishing this project.

a finished French hen, but not mine yet . . .©booksandbuttons

a finished French hen, but not mine yet . . .©booksandbuttons

Somebody is going to be mighty surprised when they open this
weird gift . . . So, what Christmas project are you finishing up?


You already know me---I'm in your book club. I've been in your book club in Wisconsin, in New York, in Missouri, in Connecticut. Now I'm in your book club in Pennsylvania. I love books! (I also collect buttons!) I'm looking forward to having conversations about books with people just like you----who also love books and want to talk about them. Send me an email: booksandbooks (at) me about a book you are reading. (or buttons of interest)
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2 Responses to The Twelve Knits of Christmas—where we stand

  1. FictionFan says:

    HahaHA! Loved this post! It took me back to the time I casually set out to knit a Winnie the Pooh for my mum. The knitting wasn’t the problem – it was the sewing-up and ‘teazeling’ the fur that became a horror story! Finally finished at 11.00 pm Christmas Eve – oh, how I hated that bear!!

    • what a coincidence! I’m just now taking a break from stitching up one little chicken–and
      inserting the comb, the beak—and realizing that I’m going to change the order of the way
      “they” want me to do the finishing. Some fun. But on the bright side, I think I’m going
      to use a BUTTON instead of the knitted eye they want me to make . . .and that spurs me on.
      I’ll bet that Pooh bear was very cute—and appreciated, too!

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