Book Review: The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston

Yikes!  Those Italians!

This is the book club selection for October.  Usually I wait until a
week before the meeting to read the book so that it’s fresh in my

But the other night I thought, “Let’s just see what the first line is . . .”,
and I quote:

“The morning of June 7, 1981, dawned brilliantly clear over Florence,

Ah, I thought, before I read the book I’ll look over my journal with notes
when O’Half and I visited Florence a few years ago.  Then I’ll have the
feel of the mood of the city– I know I was reading George Eliot’s “Romola”
while we were there—-ALSO to be getting in the mood and history of Florence
while we toured the museums, the churches, watched the Arno River
flowing under the bridges . . .

Piazza de Duomo, Florence Italy

Piazza del Duomo, Florence Italy

the Arno, Florence Italy

the Arno, Florence Italy

Then I went back to reading the book and didn’t stop until I finished last
night!  It’s about a serial killer, you know.  And one that was never caught!

Written by a best selling crime author, and an Italian journalist (Mario Spezi),
it sails right along.  Who knew?  I wonder what the book club will think.  Have
you read it?


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