More Buttons from London (Portobello Market)

The Sugar Sisters at Portobello Road

The Sugar Sisters at Portobello Road

A good place to look for old buttons is the market at Portobello Road in
London.  It had rained the morning of the day we went so we were hoping
the crowds would be nonexistent.   HA, HA, HA!  You were the only one we
didn’t see there!

Portobello is fun for people-watching, of course, and also for the musical
interludes provided by street singers—like The Sugar Sisters above who
were singing “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (with anyone else but me)”
a good old WWII song.  Also in the street farther on was–to my granddaughters’
eyes– a handsome, or “fit” young man playing the saxophone. (Looks like his
girlfriend is with him.)

saxophone player at Portobello Road

saxophone player at Portobello Road

We walked up and down all the side streets—Alice’s a favorite . . .

Alice's at Portobello Road

Alice’s at Portobello Road

and in and out of a million “galleries”–long narrow hallways into the buildings,
with small 6 x 8 booths of vendors selling wares.  No piece of sidewalk real estate
was overlooked for making a sale.  Lots of jewelry, trinkets, books to tempt one.

At the sign of the teapot:

"The Teapot" at Portobello Road

“The Teapot” at Portobello Road

I went in and found a dealer selling sewing supplies and buttons.  Here is the
nice array of early sewing things she had: (click to enlarge)

Portobello Market sewing tools display

Portobello Market sewing tools display

and I bought a small selection of buttons from her:

buttons from Portobello Road ©booksandbuttons

buttons from Portobello Road ©booksandbuttons

The large silver Art Nouveau button at top of photo (click to enlarge) is
1 and 3/4 inches in d. and the little horn dogs are 7/16 inch.  The antique
brass Art Deco button with turquoise stones (many missing!) is backmarked
“E.M. PARIS” which might stand for E. Maurice.”London 3 063
London 3 066The nice old painted porcelain buttons have unglazed backs . . . and the
red heart is an inexpensive cutie—hearts and roses design.

Another time, if there’s time, I’ll investigate Admiral Vernon alley for more
textiles and sewing things and buttons.  We had a little lunch at a “beer
garden” and moseyed back along the streets towards the tube and home.

Along the way was this beauty of a house—people really live in Portobello
Road, too!

the Blue House on Portobello Road

the Blue House on Portobello Road

And ALSO along the way was a fabulous cupcake shop:
London 3 018which provided a nice bedtime treat . . .
London 3 035


You already know me---I'm in your book club. I've been in your book club in Wisconsin, in New York, in Missouri, in Connecticut. Now I'm in your book club in Pennsylvania. I love books! (I also collect buttons!) I'm looking forward to having conversations about books with people just like you----who also love books and want to talk about them. Send me an email: booksandbooks (at) me about a book you are reading. (or buttons of interest)
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  1. Claire says:

    Those dog buttons are too cute!

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