National Button Week 2013 Part 5: Buttons from Paris

Button by designer Roger Jean-Pierre ©booksandbuttons

Button by designer Roger Jean-Pierre ©booksandbuttons

This fine button is by French
designer Roger Jean-Pierre. He worked for fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli from
1934 to 1939. She was a wild, innovative designer—with matching wild, innovative
buttons. More about her another day . . . Then he worked for Jean Clement designing
fashion accessories. I was happy to find this sample card (below) at the
Titusville NJ button show last year. (see old post on May 20, 2012)

The large buttons at the top are black, the others a deep amber color.
Click, and double click again to enlarge photos . . .

Sample card by designer Roger Jean-Pierre ©booksandbuttons

Sample card by designer Roger Jean-Pierre ©booksandbuttons

Below is a group of black
glass buttons with metal shanks on their original cards. Rather poor display I’ll
admit, but I save everything. I keep them away from the more pristine buttons.
This group has a tissue thin advertisement paper that reads,
“Pour Eviter Les Contrefacon Exicer sur Chaque Carte La Marque de Fabrique.
Which might mean ! that to avoid forgeries/copying each card is marked
with the factory name. See the “J.P.” printed underneath the buttons?
It’s the “genuine jet” story all over again.
I save everything!

I save everything!

Next is a sweet little assortment, the best two cards are marked “Nouveaute de Paris”.
These two little examples are some of my favorite buttons in my collection–because
they are so sweet. The other card is an example of a La Mode card of buttons Made
in France. This one isn’t new, but you can shop in current stores and find buttons
made in France—just check the back.
Nouveauté de Paris  (2)and LaMode from France ©booksandbuttons

Nouveauté de Paris (2)and LaMode from France ©booksandbuttons

The next two
photos show the fronts and backs of four “military” buttons. The frosty silver one
on the left is the largest, one inch in diameter. All of them have Paris “backmarks”.
Some button collectors specialize in Paris backmarks. I don’t, but I like to find
them. I’ll show you what I have, and what I know. I’m still learning. Each one
of these four have the desirable, and most common backmark “T.W.&W.” which stands
for Trelon, Weil & Weil. All say Paris.
The frosty one on the left has the symbol of the Infanterie, I believe. Going left
to right, the next one has a torch and crossed rifles; then a torch, no rifles, and
last, the shiniest, is actually a “Police Municipale” button. Tho it’s the
shiniest, you’ll see when the backs are shown, that it might be the oldest!
Buttons with T.W.&W. backmarks

Buttons with T.W.&W. backmarks

all T.W.&W. PARIS backmarks©booksandbuttons

all T.W.&W. PARIS backmarks©booksandbuttons

Four different backmarks are shown on the buttons
below. Again, going L to R, the first button (7/8 inch) is interesting because of its
four way shank. Unfortunately I can’t read the lettering–CBCL? Paris. The next is
marked ROBIN 101st Infanterie and has a roped border accent. The third little guy,
is marked Michaud & Daly Paris, and the last is marked A.P. et Cie—which stands
for Albert Parent and Company. I bought this button thinking, or was told it was a
“livery” button. But I think it’s a French army engineer button. It’s quite a dramatic
button with a deeply cutout profile.
Four various backmarks . . .©booksandbuttons

Four various backmarks . . .©booksandbuttons

CBDL? Paris with 4 hole shank; ROBIN 101st Infanterie; Michaud & Daly Paris;A.P.&Cie Paris

CBDL? Paris with 4 hole shank; ROBIN 101st Infanterie; Michaud & Daly Paris;A.P.&Cie Paris

JUST A FEW TO GO! Hang in there . . . These nice four buttons are also
backmarked. Let’s start with the BoPeep “picture button” as they’re called. That’s
sitting on the left and is 3/4 inch diam. That has the T.W.&W. Paris backmark that
you already know! It also has the word Breveté which means “patented”. Moving up to the
right is a small blue glass button whose backmark is La Paris;
then a brass painting palette backmarked Qualité Solide Paris; and finally
an early black decorated glass button marked DEPOSE D & ?. Go ahead, choose your
favorite . . .
BoPeep; blue glass; brass palette; black glass©booksandbuttons

BoPeep; blue glass; brass palette; black glass©booksandbuttons

T.W.&W.--La Paris--Qualité Solide--DEPOSE D&?

T.W.&W.–La Paris–Qualité Solide–DEPOSE D&?

This final set of buttons–they’re new.
The “gold” oblong was is backmarked “Courvoisier Paris” and the black fabric one
new buttons marked Paris

new buttons marked Paris

new Parisbacks©booksandbuttons

new Parisbacks©booksandbuttons

Thanks for bearing with me while I
explore my button collection! Next up—what do you know about Waterloo? The song?
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