The Short Girl

Colette fashion tips©booksandbuttons

Colette fashion tips©booksandbuttons

Oh, my goodness—where has this guide been all my life?  It was published in 1943 and was supposedly written by “Colette” who gives fashion tips for some of us—the short people!   It’s a riot.   Well, not a riot, but pretty entertaining for about 5 minutes.  The fashions are dated, but much of the advice still stands.

And I learned a thing or two.  Who would have guessed that your SWIM CAP can make you appear taller?  Yep–see below:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

I don’t think I’ve worn a swim cap since I was a teenager, but I’ll be ready when I think I need one . . .

And a swimsuit hint—for people –short ones, I assume—who have “swayback”.  Huh? They show the suit to buy “DO” and not to buy “DON’T”.   Now you’re set if that’s your problem.

"swayback" hint

“swayback” hint

Another problem that was apparently around in 1943 was concave face.
Here’s the trick for that:
the short girl post 004We’ve all tried different tricks to appear taller—have you been known to fool people
with the high hat trick?  Colette says you’re not fooling anybody . . . see below:

high hat trick

high hat trick

In those days, I guess people changed their clothes morning, noon and night.  The woman in the photo below has a “morning” look and a “late afternoon” look.   Generally my “morning look” is my robe and slippers as long as I can possibly get away with it . . .and as
for adding lace-trimmed chiffon as an afternoon accessory, I’d be hard pressed to find any
around the house.

morning into afternoon

morning into afternoon

I didn’t bother to read much about the next photo—not after I’d read the caption!

If 95 pounds . . .

If 95 pounds . . .

I’ll never see 95 pounds again!  Does it count that I was 104 on my honeymoon?
So I won’t be needing the gathers to cover the bony spots!

The only man I saw in the whole booklet was this gentleman—escorting the woman in the fur coat.  He seems nice enough–I wonder where they’re going.

wearing a little fur

wearing a little fur

Keep your fur capelet above your waist, girls . . .then a man will be your escort.

OK, now you short people have the know-how for looking smart and stepping out in style.
Next I’ll try to find a booklet about The Tall Girl . . .

P.S. And short people do finish puzzles!  Olde Skating Pond is done!

White Mountain puzzle

White Mountain puzzle


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4 Responses to The Short Girl

  1. booksilver says:

    This book is a hoot! Did you know that some of these fashions are back in style? Not the bathing caps, thank goodness, but the head wraps with a pretty good-sized bow up at the temple. The girls I see in London look like they’re channeling Lucy Ricardo!

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Like this book too! I am wearing my ski-band type hats this winter — no wonder I’ve been appearing taller! No big bow, but a lot of bangs hanging out. And I am very happy Colette said ‘don’t’ on that boxy suit with the flat hat and stout shoes . . . Miss Marple style. The winter skating pond puzzle is so beautiful — now the fire and its reflections on the snow are my favorites — oh look! The little boy is wearing a ski band! Stylin’.

  3. Mary Jo says:

    well, I’ll be . . . ! that’s very mysterious!!!

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