Jigsaw Puzzle

Amish puzzle by Dowdle Folk Art---click to enlarge . . .

Amish puzzle by Dowdle Folk Art—click to enlarge . . .

Ah, this is a good week to fit in a jigsaw puzzle. Christmas is over and “nothing” to do. (Ha.)

No, I won’t be starting the 1000 piece Dickens Village puzzle yet—-still more company dinners to be had on the large dining room table.

But there’s plenty of room on the table in the library for a 500 piece puzzle–a new one I received for my birthday.  It’s an Amish Quilt puzzle and will be about 16 x 20 inches when finished.  Looks like a lot of busy quilts, right?

Did you know I made a CAT QUILT for a family cat for Christmas?  So, I am in a suitable quilt mood for solving this one.

Have to hurry a little and finish the puzzle this week tho, before a certain granddaughter visits again for New Year’s Day.  With her, a puzzle on the table is considered an optional activity—and doesn’t get much respect.  So I’ll hurry along–

The pieces by this company are thin and delicate—and don’t always look like they’ll match.  But they do match and rather sweetly.

I started right out with the blue sky—and then that orange shingled roof, and on to the white houses—fun!  Ah!! found a face—oh, yes, there are people, too.

Currently I have about one third of the quilts completed.  This puzzle will be a snap. Well,
now that I’ve straightened out a little Aunt Vi snafu at the lower edge . . .

Go ahead—start a puzzle.   Good way to end the year.

Addendum: finished!  piece missing?

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5 Responses to Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. Mary Jo says:

    What a pretty picture to work on at this chilly time of the year. Love all the kids eating watermelon on the quilts! And the little girl who rode her horse over to the fence to put her feet on the quilt! And have some watermelon. Must have been fun to work, and finished already!

  2. Mary Jo says:

    It’s probably on the floor somewhere. I hope the dog didn’t get it!

    • It’s a mystery all right– I looked all over. And Woody actually isn’t allowed in the library because, I’m sorry to tell you, he can’t be trusted in there if you know what I mean . . .Oh, he was allowed in on Christmas when the kids were opening their presents—the Christmas tree is there, but that was it. The piece is missing.

  3. booksilver says:

    Wow, that was quick. You must be a master puzzler!

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