Old Christmas Cards from the Girl Scouts

I was looking through my stash of Christmas cards—like you’re doing–trying to get organized so I can mail out this year’s cards.
Girl Scout Christmas Cards 002

I love sending the cards—but even more, I love receiving them.  I hate to tell you this, but I’ve saved most of the ones I’ve received over the years—-and I mean over the years!

And I can tell you, if you bother to ask me, which card I sent to you in 2002 or 1988—the sparkly sled, the Paris winter street scene, the little children around the tree, the bountiful  Santa, the cozy Victorian parlor scene (with mice) or the wonderful blue village scene with the sparkly snow.  And I can tell you that no one received the same card two years in a row.

I try to keep one of the batch of my favorite new cards I’ve bought each year–so that if the box had 20 cards, I’ll use 19, and keep one as a memento.  I love looking through the old ones I’ve used over the years.  In my next post, I’ll show you some of my best ones.

Do you see what you’re dealing with here?  Oh, you do the same thing?

Well, this year, as I was pulling out the leftovers from other years—along with my two new boxes–I found an old box in the back of the drawer.  (See photo above.)  It is a box of cards that was sold by the Girl Scouts in the 1950’s I’d guess.  I don’t remember where I got them.

I’ve selected four cards for you to enjoy.  They have a sweet old-fashioned charm.  Was life simpler then?  They seemed fond of the “pop-up” card—one here, as noted, but eight in the box.   And some old typical scenes.  Let me know if you find a favorite . . . Remember to click on photos to enlarge the view!

The little door is open!

The little door is open!

a pop-out scene

a pop-out scene

pretty blue sky, snow

pretty blue sky, snow

and a Dickens scene, of course!

and a Dickens scene, of course!

Twenty-eight nice little cards in the box.  And then you could put a card in your window to show you bought Girl Scout Christmas cards . . .
Girl Scout Christmas Cards 001

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2 Responses to Old Christmas Cards from the Girl Scouts

  1. Mary Jo says:

    These are so nice! I love the way some of the candles are drawn on the old cards … like on the greeting card box and on Santa’s mantel … with graceful wax dripping and flames tapering and a “glow” around the flames. That was my favorite thing to draw in grade school, during the holidays, glowing, graceful candles. Hmmm … now where are my crayons?! I also keep some of the Christmas cards I’ve received and sent through the years … they are magical scenes, filled with memories. Thank you for sharing these pretty cards!

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