Autumn Rambles, part 3

“Colorful Crossing” by Springbok Puzzles

Remember the puzzle?  The struggles?  There were a LOT of water and rocks pieces!
But I loved that part the most I think.  And after a while the rock pieces, thousands though
there were, were almost easy because they had a definite right side up to them.  Because the rocks are lighter on top and darker toward the water, the shaded area.  (Do you care?)

Anyway, it’s done!  And I’d love to be standing right there at the edge of that river, wouldn’t you?  How’s your own puzzle coming along?

Colorful Crossing—done!


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4 Responses to Autumn Rambles, part 3

  1. Mary Jo says:

    I bought a puzzle! Visiting my sister and family in New Hampshire, we hit some garage sales and I got an unopened, 750 pieces (yikes) Terry Redlin picture of a wintry night, snow on the rooftops, the porch lit up, and kids, old time cars, a dog, deer (etc) — very pretty and I think I will set it up on some foam board I have, so I can move it around. We shall see! I believe the last puzzle I worked on was about 30 years ago. I plan to revisit your helpful puzzle-method post!

    • Yea! That’s great news! I might have a Terry Redlin snow scene—-White Mountain Puzzles? I’ll look to see. You’ll be fine with 750 pieces. That’s a lovely size. Good luck! Have fun.

  2. Mary Jo says:

    It’s the “And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood” picture, and this one is RoseArt. It’s a smaller “cropped” version, cutting about 1/4th off the picture all the way around. Very nostalgic and warm, homey looking. I think it will be fun. Thanks for the encouragement!

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