Cowboy button vote continued! March 20

Things are getting hot with the voting now.  With one reader’s change of
vote, the standings now are:

peppers—————–1 vote
western fabric——— 1 vote
bandana ————–  3 votes

I’m referring to the post—National Button Week part 4 where readers are voting
for their favorite background fabric for a little cowboy hat button.  See three choices below:

cowboy button on chili peppers

cowboy button on western fabric

cowboy hat button on bandana

I had presented three other hat buttons, but couldn’t decide on which background to show the little cowboy hat.  Readers are voting on their favorite background.  You can vote, too!

Polls will close Sunday, March 25th at midnight.  Seems like that’s long enough to carry on with this nonsense!
Thanks for your votes!  To be continued!


You already know me---I'm in your book club. I've been in your book club in Wisconsin, in New York, in Missouri, in Connecticut. Now I'm in your book club in Pennsylvania. I love books! (I also collect buttons!) I'm looking forward to having conversations about books with people just like you----who also love books and want to talk about them. Send me an email: booksandbooks (at) me about a book you are reading. (or buttons of interest)
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