January’s Birthdays

Wow!  What a month for literary birthdays!!

I thought December was a busy birthday month, but January is
something special.  Browse through the list–do you recognize most
of them?  Have you read them?  Choose one or two to read for January.  What a choice!

Jan 1     E.M. Forster
Jan 3    J.R.R. Tolkien

Jan 6     Carl Sandburg
Jan 7     Zora Neale Hurston
Jan 8     Wilkie Collins

(*a left double-click will enlarge photos, use BACK arrow to return to text)

Jan 9     Simone de Beauvois
Jan 11    Jack London;  Alan Paton
Jan 13    Horatio Alger
Jan 15    Moliere–(“Even kings must obey the rules of grammar.”)

Jan 17    Anne Brontë
Jan 18    Peter Mark Roget (thesaurus);  A.A. Milne

Jan 19    Edgar Allan Poe;  Patricia Highsmith
Jan 22    Lord Byron
Jan 24    Edith Wharton
Jan 25    W. Somerset Maugham;  Virginia Woolf

Jan 27    Lewis Carroll

Jan 28    Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette
Jan 29    Anton Chekhov

Looks like there are seven books in my “banner” at the top of the page—one of my
bookshelves which tops most of these posts—-seven “birthday” authors in that one shelf!

Happy Birthday to these and all of YOU January birthday people . . .

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