Yesterday Booksilver commented that the old engraving of the train
going from Paris to the moon was like an intoxicating dream.  (See post
Paris to the Moon)  and that
got me thinking about an old tune “Dreamland” in an easy book
of piano music of mine.  Maybe you played it when you were younger.

I’ve copied just a little of it here to give you the flavor—
I like that it’s to be played “con tenerezza” –with tenderness,
softly . . .                           (left-click to enlarge, back button to return)

Sad to say, because it’s in F Major, it involves a great deal of a
lower “D” which is unnervingly out of tune on my piano right now–
but I just sing a little louder during those notes.

Let me know how it sounds on your piano—

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