Sewing=Clutter=Sewing= . . .

Honk! if you like to sew!

When I’m not reading, I’m probably sewing!  While you are getting
real things done like working or bringing up kids or cleaning or
cooking—I’m sewing!

And if I’m not sewing I’m probably sorting through my clutter of
boxes to find things to sew with, to trim with, for ideas.

For me, sewing equals clutter.   I love having all kinds of little boxes
and tins that are stuffed with goodies—old buttons, old beads, old
lace, old ribbons.   And half the fun is in opening one and being
surprised at the contents!   I never know what I might have stashed
away years ago—and I do mean years ago.

It’s important with this kind of hobby to be able to live with
clutter.  Oh, I feel guilty (sometimes) and over the years, I’ve
worked on clearing stuff out.  I know the tricks: sort things into
piles—keep, maybe keep, and give away.  But I save time by making
just one pile———————–keep!

I’m lucky to have a closet in my studio—and I’ve squashed a
whole chifferobe in there, and that’s FULL.  Must I tell you that
I have another “utility” cupboard that’s stuffed with sewing (and
watercolor supplies)?  So I should HAVE the room to put things
away.   Could it be that I’m unorganized?

I have a total of five books about clutter clearing.  And stuck inside
those books are newspaper clippings with articles about clearing
out clutter.  I try to keep the books together neatly in one place!

I do have one rule, sort of.  A collector needs some discipline.
If I have all the table and desktops in my studio covered with
sewing stuff, I can’t get out another collection to look through
without putting the sewing stuff away.

So I can’t have all the old photos, old stamps, old buttons, Barbie
stuff, fabric and sewing stuff out at the same time.

Oh, I mentioned “fabric”.   Actually I have a whole other area
for storing THAT.  If you sew,  you’ll understand that predicament.

For me, sewing equals clutter.  Luckily I happen to love working in


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2 Responses to Sewing=Clutter=Sewing= . . .

  1. booksilver says:

    What if I like clutter, but not to sew?

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