Genghis Khan

Khan means “chief”—did you know that?

September is here!  And that means it’s time to take a look at
this month’s book club book—Genghis Khan and the Making of
the Modern World by Jack Weatherford.  Genghis–pronunciation?

I’m afraid it’s going to be a bit of a slog getting through it.  But,
there now, only 9 pages into it.

There was a nice little bit about the Spirit Banner in the Introduction–
made of horsehair and carried in battle, etc.  Not that I read the whole
Introduction!  Fifteen pages was more than I felt I wanted right off the

A friend said it was a great book–and she had a friend who said so, too.
The reviews are quite favorable.  It’s a New York Times Bestseller.  I
can do this.

But look at the cover

would you take him to bed at night--to read?

Compare that cover with this one–an old David Lodge novella:

so cute!

No comparison, right?

But——–! as my friend Millie used to say–

You join a book club—you read the book!  How simple is that?

I’m going to call him “Jenghis” because my dictionary says so—there may be other pronunciations that are acceptable, but I’m going out on a
limb here.

Seems like it’s going to take place in the 1200’s–hmmmmmm . . .

And it mentions twice almost in one breath that he’s SIXTY years old–
as in “although he was sixty years old . . .” as if he’s hundred or so–and
unable to conquer new territories–

Starting out with the battle of Bukhara—handy map at beginning of the
book no help here–

And then reverts to his birth and upbringing–well, I do love a memoir!

And the mention of two rivers, the Indus and the Onon, will come in
handy with crossword puzzles.

There are about 300 pages, and 15 days until book club.   So that’s 20
pages a day–or could even do a chapter a day and have a day left over
for the Introduction and the (oh, no!) Epilogue.

to be continued-


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1 Response to Genghis Khan

  1. Meegan says:

    Well, I suppose you could always start reading early….. maybe the fierce fellow on the cover is just inviting you into the book.
    I’d never heard “Jenghis” and have been apparently mispronouncing it my whole life!

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